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  • All awards have been "Vacated" (meaning given to no one) because the past month, no action has been taken place in the roleplay chat. Therefore, the awards are postponed to 4/22/14.

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Current Season: Total Drama Prime Time

Contestants: Alejandro, Heather, Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Tyler, Lindsay, DJ, Mike (doesn't have alternate personalities), Zoey, Owen, Cameron, Lightning, Cody, Sierra, Alejandra, Mal (is on his own and is separated from Mike),  ' Ezekiel.   

Plot: This season is going to have more drama, a surprising break up, a surprising relationship forms, and a new surprising twist to the show.

Episodes: 24

Eliminations: Alejandra (18th Place)

Team Prime: Alejandro (Captain), Heather, Courtney, Tyler, Owen, Cody, Sierra, DJ, Mal

Team Time: Duncan (Captain), Gwen, Lindsay, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Lightning, Alejandra, Ezekiel


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