This is the eighth episode in Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains


In this episode, it focuses mostly around Gwen, who cries over her decision to become a better person, but then gives up on love in general. The episode takes a twist when Chris takes Gwen's diary and announces the challenge, prepare for Gwen's upcoming wedding.

Gwen along with the other contestants were suprised and Courtney tells everyone to eliminate Gwen, but a major twist happens when they (and Gwen) find out the groom, Cameron. At the wedding, Chris makes fun of Gwen for having to kiss Cameron in front of everyone, and then throws a major temper tantrum knocking out Chris, Geoff, Trent, Duncan, and Cody. Lastly coming up to Cameron in rage and kissing him, resulting in the two winning the challenge. Though Gwen announces she quits the season to go home with Cameron as well as quit on the million dollars. At the end, Cameron reveals to have a bad side and the two ride off with everyone looking grossed out except for Thomas who yells that he knew this would all happen. The episode ends with Lady Gaga's single Bad Romance playing at the credits.

In the special clip, it shows Cameron and Gwen making out on top of a hill, but then gets interupted by Sierra, who seems to be over joyed, after leaving, Cameron and Gwen continue kissing.