Thomas has a overall neutural relationship by everyone, but does have flaws with a couple of contestants. Thoough his relationship with Bridgette makes that up.


Thomas and Bridgette

Originally, Bridgette giggled at Thomas at the beginning of Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains due to his clumsy like behavior getting out of the bus, though later on started to like his kind behavior for everyone. Later on, Bridgette broke up with Geoff, and Thomas tried to calm her down by going with her when she ran off, thus starting a relationship. In the episode Riding The Currents is where they are most noticably becoming a couple. Thomas sees that Bridgette is "more than meets the eye" and fixes her surfboard and buys her flowers. Later on, even saving her from being eaten by a giant squid and saved her from drowning. As a result, kissing his cheek. In the episode Blaineley Returns!!, Bridgette and Thomas have their first kiss, but Bridgette confesses her love an episode after.


As shown, Trent was jealous that Thomas was friendss with Gwen, and broke his ukulele, resulting in Gwen getting back with Trent. It is unknown what Thomas thinks of Trent now.


At the start, Thomas and Gwen seemed to enjoy a chat, but Trent interupts their friendship and turning it into getting Gwen back. It is unknown that Thomas thinks of Gwen now. In the episode The Bride, All Dressed in Black, Thomas helps Gwen by over coming her fear, being underground. When Gwen quits, she tells him and Bridgette ""good luck".


Thomas and Geoff don't communicate until Geoff sees Bridgette be with Thomas most of the time. Geoff threatning him, but Thomas doesn't seem to be affected. Later on, Geoff develops a hatred twoard Thomas, and seeks revenge. Thomas sees Geoff as a mistaken friend who simply needs to calm down.


Mal in one episode refers to him as "Green-Bot" in the confesstional explaining the Hero team.


Heather shows concern twoard Thomas when he shows the other contestants his home in Antartaca. In the episode Dusk to Dawn, Thomas talks with Heather and questions on her appearance asking if she is part Asian, her responding she doesn't know.


Alejandro calls Thomas stupid because he doesn't know who Jose is.


Blaineley shows no mercy for Thomas, as well as tries to get rid of him.


In the episode Blaineley Returns!!, Courtney knocks him out for Blaineley. Later on in an episode, she criticises Bridgette's love twoard Thomas, stating he isn't sexy or good looking.

Evil CodyEdit

Evil Cody asks Thomas to get a coupon to his island, but rejects the offer.


Throughout the series, Cody seems to not like Thomas simply becuase of his robot parts, being jealous.